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Our state-of-the-art head office in Morningside is designed with the future in mind. More companies are turning to the arbitration process to resolve disputes. Our head office boasts an arbitration venue with a boardroom able to seat 40+ people, an interactive small “court room” (10 seats) and a normal boardroom (10 seats). Ready to host arbitrations, this gives us the competitive edge. Such arbitrations are normally chaired by retired judges and give a quicker resolution to corporate problems.

Sophisticated Expertise, Approachable Advice

We know that taking legal action can be intimidating and complicated. That is why it is our priority to empower you through providing a simple solution, enabling you to make the best decisions about your case. If you are uncertain about your options, just ask, and our highly experienced and professional practitioners will dedicate themselves to finding an explanation that works best for you.

Results Driven

We believe that keeping you in the loop is the first step to success, therefore we strive to have on-going and upfront conversations about your needs, goals and what it costs to get there.

Through our understanding of the law and your understanding of the circumstance, we will craft a path to success.

“We do this to ensure that your legal work is handled in the best suited way.”


What They Say


The path of any litigious matter can have many twists and turns. Our litigation department has years of experience in conducting litigation in both the Magistrates and High Courts, as well as in arbitration and tribunal settings.

Family Law

Our experts understand the complexity and sensitive nature of the circumstance; be it preparing of your antenuptial contract or divorce and custody matters, contact, maintenance and proprietary rights – we are here to provide ethical advice and advocacy.

Insolvency Law

Our expertise in corporate and personal insolvency law, business rescue and personal sequestrations spans over many years, which puts us in the best position to help you regain control and ultimately find a solution that is best suited for your business.

Company Law

Navigating the myriad of regulations and acts can be daunting, which is why our company law department is here to help. Be it a simple contract, or complex merger and acquisition, we are here to provide you with strategic advice.

Notarial Services

From Antenuptial Contracts to Notarial Bonds the job of a Notary is wide and diverse.  Our expert Notaries will assist you in all your notarial needs, whether it be registering your Antenuptial Contract before your big day or registering Notarial Bonds and various other security bonds over a debtor’s assets.

UK Emigration Law

Our specialists in UK emigration visas and investments will guide you through the process of emigration and/or investment or travel to the United Kingdom. Whether it is an ancestral visa, a permanent residence visa or a simple tourist visa or more complex emigration and nationality matters, our experts are here and have a wealth of knowledge to assist.

Company Secretarial Services

Our expert and professional company secretariat professions will guide you and assist your company and Board of Directors in all your compliance needs, ranging from CIPC compliance to creating packs for board meetings and annual general meetings.  The work of the company secretary is not one to be undermined and in certain companies, dependent on their Memorandum of Incorporation, it is a compulsory position.

International Transport Law

From sea to air to road, there are many trials and tribulations that can befall any logistical and or transport exercise. Our team of experts have a wealth of experience in all facets of transport and maritime law including air and road freight and passenger travel.

Labour Law

Labour law can be a mine field evoking strong emotions. Our labour experts have years of experience in handling labour disputes for both employers and employees. We can assist with CCMA as well as arbitrations.


Our Philosophy

At Snaid & Morris we maintain expertise in the rapidly evolving and complex areas of the law, by utilising up to date and modern technologies. We ensure that directors and associates are kept abreast with modern techniques and training methods as well as current case law and academic writings. It is our priority that your legal work is handled in the best suited way and that the practitioner managing your matter can give you comprehensive answers about all your legal matters.