Snaid & Morris

The Team


Paul Snaid

Joint MD

Paul holds a B Proc degree from the University of the Witwatersrand and was admitted as an attorney of the then Supreme Court of South Africa on the 23rd of January 1979. Paul has handled countless matters in the Constitutional Court, High Courts, Magistrates’ Courts, Specialised Commercial Crime Courts, Family Courts and Supreme Court of Appeal.

Paul is the joint Managing Director of the company and leads the Family Law and Debt Collection Departments as well as the Collections Litigation Department. Through his career he has handled many complex and integral divorces, mediations and divisions of joint estates as well as custody and maintenance matters. Paul further has a strong and well-grounded commercial law background, having gained years of experience in commercial and corporate litigation and insolvency.


Jason Morris

Joint MD

Jason holds an LLB degree from the University of South Africa and is an admitted attorney of the
High Court of the Republic of South Africa with right of appearance in all superior courts.
He further holds a qualification from the University of Pretoria on debt management.

Jason sits on the boards of various local and international companies both within South Africa and
the United Kingdom. He has also served as the chairman of various multi-nationals within South

Jason is a member of SARIPA the South African Rescue and Insolvency Practitioners Association as well as INSOL the International Association of Restructuring Insolvency and Bankruptcy Professionals based in London. Jason has further been appointed to advise various multi-national companies on their local and international requirements. He has advised on inward and outward investment and has been appointed as the legal advisor and professional attorney on numerous business rescues, insolvency and sequestration matters that cover both the South African jurisdiction and global jurisdictions.

Jason also is the liaison between our office in London and advises many UK companies on South African inward legal requirements and the likes thereof. Jason further advises many UK companies on South African legal questions. In addition Jason further advises on numerous large business rescues and bankruptcy/liquidation matters involving cross border jurisdictions and is an adviser on cross border insolvency and the UN’s UNICITRAL Model Law on International Trade law.

Jason continuously advises both local and international companies on aspects of multi cross
border law with a specific influence on governance and legal compliance and the adherence of King Code of Corporate Governance. Jason’s expertise extends into international transport law and the bearing it has on international trade which has placed him in good stead to advise his clients on the current global trends.

Jason is a director of the British Chamber of Commerce and has been tasked in recent months,
with assisting to update the legal compliance and governance requirements of the Chamber. Jason has recently been appointed as the co-vice chair of the Board of Directors of the British Chamber of Commerce thus galvanizing his position when it comes to advocating for South African and UK businesses and advising them on various matters. Jason has a close working relationship with the British Council as does his legal practice and are proud associates of the British Council in South Africa. Their work with the British Council strives to increase the scope of the British Council in the lines of education, the arts and culture, further galvanizing his abilities to guide and direct clients who do business between the two jurisdictions.


Melissa Irwin-Tarica


Melissa holds an LLB degree from the University of South Africa and is an admitted attorney of the High Court of the Republic of South Africa.

Melissa enjoys studying and widening her knowledge in different spheres of business and/or law. She has a number of certificates for the intermediary Microsoft Office Training with distinction, she has a marketing certificate, a diploma in Business Administration and Management, She had been working at an auditing firm while studying part time. Here she obtained a wealth of experience with business management, annual financial statements and international commercial contract reviews and drafting of same.

Melissa has had experience as an executive member of the various Attorneys Associations, and many other liaison committees between the profession and the judiciary. She prides herself on staying informed of the new laws, and acts She is well versed in what is “new” with the judiciary, supplying the necessary opinions, and is well informed of the laws and rules that have been proclaimed in the various Government Gazettes.

Melissa prides herself on being a general litigator, where evidence thereof shows that she is able to assist the firm with any speciality of law. However, the main specialities that she has specialised in, is Family Law, Labour Law, Property Law, Delictual Law and General Civil Litigation. She regularly appears in matters in the Higher Courts and the Lower Courts.

Melissa furthermore advises and appears in court(s) on behalf of the South African Board of Sheriffs and has previously worked in close contact with the various Sheriff’s offices. She thus has a vast understanding of the needs of the Sheriffs and the relationships that they have with the profession and/or lay persons.


Diane Charles


Diane holds an LLB degree from the University of South Africa and is an admitted attorney of the High Court of the Republic of South Africa.

Prior to joining the legal profession, Diane enjoyed several years in the multinational corporate sector where she also obtained an MBA degree from the Rhodes Investec Business School. Diane’s business background equips her with a keen interest in corporate and commercial law, thereby also prompting her to complete a Company Secretarial qualification through the Chartered Governance Institute for Southern Africa. Diane eagerly assists in various areas within the Litigation Department and has broad experience in both Magistrates Court and High Court practice, such as family law, property evictions and travel law.

Diane is passionate about everything she does and takes customer service and customer satisfaction to be above all else whilst upholding the law and its principles.